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5ส ส่วนพัสดุ

Audited 5S 2/2565

We welcome the 5S Group 11 committee on the 2nd 5S Green audit day from 10.00 – 10.40 hrs. This time it was friendly and received praise from the committee as usual. For this time audit it will be the last time of the year. We thank you for your friendliness and smiles.


Integrity and Transparency Assessment: ITA

Assessment results on August 1, 2022, Walailak University received an evaluation result of 92.46 points, which is a result of the cooperation of all university staff. Bring joy to all departments. for the parcel Produced 8 OIT Public Disclosure Reports, received a score of 100, which is another year of pride in succession since 2019.


Document preparation meeting.

We hold a meeting on the preparation of documents for the specific characteristics of the parcel for procurement according to the letter from the Comptroller General’s Department. Invite related persons from all departments. Especially those who are responsible for the preparation of meeting documents from 08.30 – 12.00 hrs.


5S Green

On May 24, 2022, the 5S Assessment Committee, Walailak University, Group 11, attended the assessment during 14.15 – 14.55. In this regard, Mrs. Aree Boriphan, 5S secretary, presented the results of the 5S activities to the committee from the 5S Green website, and led them to inspect the office space and outside areas of responsibility. …

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Prepare for 5S

Prepare for 5S

We are prepared before the 5S audit on May 24, 2022. Starting from the morning of May 23, 2022, the 5S committee, led by the head, organized a meeting to acknowledge progress and plan inspections to prepare.