As for supplies, it is responsible for managing the work related to the parcel. There are 3 duties as follows:
1. Providing efficient procurement services to create satisfaction for service recipients
2. Making the most of the use of materials
3. Data preparation for use in budgeting and procurement

To effectively achieve the three main missions There has always been a development approach to achieve sustainability in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Recognize and take into account the elevation of professional professional performance standards. with honesty, transparency, integrity, ethics and equality in fair price competition in order to obtain quality supplies at reasonable prices.
Three years since 2021, the parcel has been successful in preventing all forms of corruption and bribery. Implementation of transparent disclosure and fairness in accordance with the policy of sustainable university development and public disclosure of Open Data Integrity and Transparency Assessment (OIT) to certify and declare transparency of national agencies. The park participated in the Integrity and Transparency Assessment (ITA) assessment by the national agency, the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC. g) From the results of the evaluation of integrity and transparency in the operation of government agencies in the period of 3 years, year 2019-2021, the supplies received the results of the evaluation of integrity and transparency with a score of 100 points out of 3. consecutive years on the following topics

Manual or standard of practice
Show manuals or operational guidelines that officers of the agency use to adhere to the same standards.
Contains detailed information on operations

Service satisfaction report
Show service satisfaction survey results

Show channels that third parties can request services through online channels to help facilitate the service recipients.
Can access or link to the above channels from the official website of the agency.

Procurement plan or procurement plan
Show the procurement plan or the procurement plan

Notice of procurement or procurement of supplies
Show announcements as the agency has to do, such as an invitation announcement. Announcement of procurement results, etc.

Summary of monthly procurement or procurement results
Show a summary of the procurement results
Contains detailed information on the results of procurement or outsourcing, such as jobs purchased or hired amount purchased or hired, median price, method, list of bidders and bid price, selected candidates and agreed price Reason for selection in summary The number or date of the contract or agreement of purchase or employment, etc.

Annual report on the results of procurement or procurement of supplies
Show the results of the procurement of the agency
Contains detailed information such as budget used in procurement, problems, obstacles, suggestions, etc.

Channels for hearing opinions
Show channels through which third parties can express their opinions on operations through online channels.
You can link to the above channels from the official website of the agency.

Opportunity for participation
Show actions or activities that demonstrate opportunities for stakeholders to participate in operations, such as joint planning, joint implementation. share ideas or join the follow-up assessment, etc.